SFF #25 - Are You Flippin’ Us Off?

April 23, 2017

In this Episode

  • Guest: Kevin Roth, Meteorologist for Rotogrinders.com Fantasy Sports and CW33-TV in Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
  • Lightning Round: Hollywood Squares
  • Titan U Minute with Chris Sanner: Chase Vacation
  • The team discusses why TV meteorologists lack staying power and even quit.
  • Brady’s Storm School: Cumulonimbus Clouds
  • Weather Fools: We share the foolish things people do in bad weather situations
  • Wx Resources: We provide some great weather sites, apps and equipment
  • Our next guest

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Our Guest

Kevin Roth, Meteorologist for Rotogrinders.com Fantasy Sports and CW33 TV in Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX

  • Kevin has a Bachelor’s Degree from Florida State University and a Master's Degree from Mississippi State, seal of approval from the National Weather Association, and 5+ years working in severe weather markets. Lover of weather, science, and anything nerdy.

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@KevinRothWx on Instagram

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Weather Fools Links

Brady/Phil: Hackers set off TX warning sirens

WxResources Links

Kim: RadarScope

Phil: NWS Louisville Tornado Track Map

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Next episode, our guest will be Storm Chaser, Photographer, Author and Director, Mike Olbinski


Opening and Closing Music: Andrew Slotta