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#54 - Guest: Janice Dean - Mr. McNasty Pants

June 3, 2018

In This Episode

  • Guests: Janice Dean, Sr. Meteorologist FOX News
  • Introduce two entries for our new intro song
  • Helicity Designs and discount code
  • Lightning Round: Name that Tune-80’s Metal
  • Mid-Atlantic ChaserCon
  • Titan U Minute with Chris Sanner
  • Discussion on how much personal information to share with audience
  • Mean Tweets with Janice Dean
  • Wx Resources: We provide some great weather sites, apps and equipment
  • Weather Fools: We share the foolish things people do in bad weather situations
  • Who will be our next guest?

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Our Guest

Janice Dean, Senior Meteorologist-Fox News and Children’s Author

Janice is a native of Toronto and Ottawa, Ontario. She began her career journey working as morning show host and reporter at Ottawa-based radio station CHEZ-FM.

In 1997, she became on-camera weather forecaster at television station CBOT. She became the news editor and entertainment reporter for “Imus in the Morning” and then joined Fox Network in January 2004. Janice now holds the title of Senior Meteorologist for Fox News and can be seen weekday mornings on Fox & Friends.

Inducted into the Meteorologist Hall of Fame on January 1, 2017 in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, she has also authored a series of children’s books titled “Freddy the Frogcaster”.

Titan U Minute with Chris Sanner:

Wx Resources Links

Weather Fools Links

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Next episode (55), we’ll be with Ashley Morris, TX Emergency Manager and Tom Jenkins, Oregon Dept. of Forestry to talk VOST Groups


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