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#14 - Guest: Jay Allen - Good Luck on Re-Entry!

November 20, 2016


In This Episode

  • Guest: Jay Allen, Production Director, CBS Radio and Transistor/Weather Radio Expert
  • Lightning Round: Puttin’ On The Hits
  • The team reviews weather products for holiday gifts with Brett Ratner of Acurite
  • Weather Fools: We share our most crazy examples
  • WxResources: Team shares what’s on their holiday list
  • Listener Questions and Comments

Our Guest

Jay Allen, Production Director, CBS Radio and Transistor/Weather Radio Expert
Jay has worked in broadcasting and electronics all his life and has been interested in portable transistor radios since the early pocket portables of the 50′s through today’s multiband radios. Jay is currently employed by CBS Radio as a Production Director for one of its station clusters but also managed a repair facility for an audio shop for 18 years back in the 70’s and 80’s.

Weather Product Review with Brett Ratner, PR Manager for

Weather Product Review with the SFF Team

Weather Fools Links

Brady: Wildfires set by aspiring weatherman
Phil: Minister sentenced to jail for fraudulent use of hurricane funds

WxResources Links (what’s on our holiday wish list)

Mazz: Vantage VUE Personal Weather Station
Brady: Winter Weather Decorder App
MJ: Acurite Personal Weather Stations
MJ: DBPower Battery Jumper
Phil: 3DR Solo Drone Quadcopter with Go Pro Hero 4 Camera

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Opening and Closing Music: Andrew Slotta

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