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#143 SFFP - Lindsay Gossling &Travis Farncombe - 13 Minutes

October 28, 2021

In This Episode

  • Guests: 13 Minutes film Director, Lindsay Gossling and Executive Producer, Travis Farncombe
  • National Storm Chaser Summit…get tickets for this January 21-22, 2022 event in Oklahoma at
  • #weatherfools - We present the fools doing stupid things in weather situations
  • Wx Resources - We share some amazing websites, books, equipment and other weather resources
  • Reveal of our next guest(s)…

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Our Guests

Lindsay Gossling

Lindsay Gossling is a writer/director and producer whose work is driven by social justice and the notion of everyday survival.  Her first feature film, Un Traductor (writer/producer) had its world premiere at Sundance 2018 in the World Cinema Dramatic Competition and went on to become Cuba’s official selection for the Academy Awards.  Lindsay is the Director and Co-Writer of 13 Minutes.

Travis Farncombe

Travis Farncombe has been storm chasing for over 10 years.  A resident of Toronto, he frequents the central US plains and is also a storm guide for Silver Lining Tours.  Travis is the founder of the social storm chasing website, Highways & Hailstones and the Executive Producer of 13 Minutes.

National Storm Chaser Summit…get tickets for this January 21-22, 2022 event in Oklahoma at

#weatherfools Links

Wx Resources Links

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Next Episode we will have the pleasure of meeting the amazing photographer and storm chaser Jim Tang.  He will be joining is in the studio to record with our members on Thursday, November 11th at 9pmET/8pmCT while the audio podcast will be released November 14th.


  • Opening Music: Brett Epstein
  • Closing Music: Gabe Cox
  • Other Music: “Pecos Hank” Schyma from El Reno Blues

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