Storm Front Freaks

#151 - Jen Carfagno & Justin Snead

February 20, 2022

In This Episode

  • Celebrating Women in Science Day and Black History Month!
  • Guests: Jen Carfagno, The Weather Channel and Justin Snead, Storm Chaser/Photographer
  • Drive Weather App
  • Titan U Minute - Three Alternatives to Weather Models
  • 5% Discount at
  • #weatherfools - We present the fools doing stupid things in weather situations
  • Porn Star or Storm Chaser - Can you guess if the sound clip is that of a Porn Star or Storm Chaser?
  • Reveal of our next guest(s)…

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 Our Guests

Jen Carfagno, On-Air Meteorologist - The Weather Channel

Jen Carfagno is an on-camera meteorologist with The Weather Channel.  She earned her bachelor's degree in meteorology from Penn State University in 1998 and later that year, she joined The Weather Channel as a full-time forecaster and has been there ever since.

Websites and contact info for Jen:

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Tornado Titans - Titan U

Justin Snead, Storm Chaser and Photographer

Justin Snead is an established storm chaser and photographer who comes from the southeast United States. As a bi-racial traveling healthcare professional, his time in the operating room has taught him the patience required when it comes to forecasting and chasing severe weather.

Websites and contact info for Justin:

Storm Photos of the Year Contest "Stormy's"

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#weatherfools Links

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  • Opening Music: Brett Epstein
  • Closing Music: Gabe Cox
  • Other Music: “Pecos Hank” Schyma from El Reno Blues

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