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#17 - Guest: Kelley Williamson - You’ll be the Only Sober One!

January 1, 2017

In This Episode

  • Guest: Kelley Williamson, Storm Chaser and star of The Weather Channel’s Storm Wranglers
  • Lightning Round: Farming, Fishing or Bull Fighting
  • Brady’s Storm School: Snow Squalls
  • The team discusses closing schools and businesses to soon or too late for snow storms
  • Weather Fools: We share what some people are doing in severe weather situations
  • Wx Resources: We provide some great sites, apps and equipment
  • Listener Questions and Comments and Give-away
  • Details about Episode 18

Season 2.0 Update

  • Storm Front Freaks RAW – Unedited video of our podcast shows with all the behind the scenes footage during our breaks (PG-13 for possible language) now available immediately after recording!
  • Storm Front Freaks RAW Live! – Beginning Episode 18 (Thursday, January 12 @ 9:30pmET/8:30pmCT) we will be broadcasting our RAW show live (PG-13 for possible language)! Join us and interact with us via our social media accounts as we answer your questions and respond to your comments live!
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Our Guest

Kelley Williamson, Storm Chaser and star of The Weather Channel’s Storm Wranglers

Kelley Williamson has lived a full life. His careers have included farming, professional fishing, and bullfighting. His most recent career path? Storm Chasing.  Kelley’s new show on The Weather Channel, Storm Wranglers in now showing!

School and Business Closing during Snow Storms

Weather Fools Links

WxResources Links

Dr. Elizabeth Austin’s book “Treading On Thin Air”

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  • Opening and Closing Music:  Andrew Slotta
  • Weather Fools/Wx Resources Segment Music:

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