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#48 - Guest: John Wetter - Uff-Da!

March 11, 2018

In This Episode

  • Guest: John Wetter, President of
  • Lightning Round: Double Jeopardy (Minnesota Sayings)
  • Titan U Minute with Chris Sanner: Forecast Models Part 5
  • National Weather Podcast Month and Weather-Ready Nation Ambassadors Tips
  • We discuss our favorite weather models, when to use them, and where to find them.
  • Wx Resources: We provide some great weather sites, apps and equipment
  • Weather Fools: We share the foolish things people do in bad weather situations
  • Listener/Viewer Comments and Questions
  • Who will be our next guest?

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Our Guest

John Wetter, President of Spotter Network

John is the Technology Services Manager for Hopkins School District in the Greater Minneapolis/St.Paul area and current President of SpotterNetwork.

The SpotterNetwork brings storm spotters, storm chasers, coordinators and public servants together in a seamless network of information. It provides accurate position data of spotters and chasers for coordination/reporting and provides ground truth to public servants engaged in the protection of life and property.        

Titan U Minute with Chris Sanner:

Weather Model Resource Links:

Wx Resources Links

Weather Fools Links

Minnesota Severe Storms Conference

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Next episode (49), we’ll be with the co-hosts of Weather Hype, Mihn Phan and Castle Williams to discuss severe weather communication to the public.


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