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#55 - Guest: Ashley Morris - Ferrets for the Win

June 15, 2018

In This Episode

  • Guests: Ashley Morris, Emergency Manager-South Central Texas
  • Helicity Designs and discount code
  • Lightning Round: Family Feud Top 10 House Pets
  • Mid-Atlantic ChaserCon
  • Titan U Minute with Chris Sanner
  • Discussion on hurricane/disaster communication and VOST groups
  • Wx Resources: We provide some great weather sites, apps and equipment
  • Weather Fools: We share the foolish things people do in bad weather situations
  • Who will be our next guest?

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Our Guest 

Ashley Morris, Emergency Manager and Co-Host, Carolina Weather Group Podcast

Ashley is an emergency management planner in south central Texas. She assists with the creation and maintenance of disaster plans, as well as the coordination of city exercises and educational outreach campaigns. Ashley is also a weather liaison for her office. This entails weekly or event oriented weather forecasting, communication with NWS Austin-San Antonio, and weather event monitoring. Her first emergency management activation was for Hurricane Harvey this past August.

Ashley received her master's in geography with an emphasis in natural hazards from Texas Tech University in December of 2016.  She is also a co-host on the Carolina Weather Group Podcast.

Titan U Minute with Chris Sanner:

Wx Resources Links

Weather Fools Links

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Next episode (56), we’ll be with Brantley Hargrove, author of The Man Who Caught The Storm: The Life of Legendary Tornado Chaser Tim Samaras


Opening and Closing Music: Andrew Slotta

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