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#62 - Guest: Ed Teets - Boom Boom!

September 23, 2018

In This Episode

  • Guest: Ed Teets, Atomospheric Scientist with NASA
  • Lightning Round: Las Vegas Movies $100,000 Pyramid
  • Helicity Designs and discount code
  • Wx Resources-We share some great weather resources you may want to use
  • ChaserCon Canada and discount code
  • Funny Weather Memes you’ll be sharing with friends
  • Who will be our next guest?

Our Guest

Ed Teets, Atmospheric Scientist with NASA’s Flight Research Projects

Ed Teets, Jr is currently the Sr. Aviation meteorologist and the lead of the Atmospheric Sciences group at the NASA Neil A. Armstrong Flight Research Center, Edwards AFB.

Ed has been directly involved with a varying degree of aircraft over the years. These include the slow flying high altitude UAS’s to high performance jets to mach 10+ hypersonic research flight demonstrators. He has been a part of the aerodynamics branch at Armstrong for the past 31 years, specializing in atmospheric effects on aviation.

Ed has his B.S. in Meteorology from the University of Utah and his M.S. in Atmospheric Physics from the University of Nevada-Reno.

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Next episode (63), our guest will be Michael Armstrong, Storm Chaser Producer of KOCO-TV in Oklahoma City


  • Opening Music: Brett Epstein
  • Closing Music: Gabe Cox
  • Other Music: “Pecos Hank” Schyma from El Reno Blues

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