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#71 Guests: Marc Remillard & Bobby Nicholls - Gin and Gin

January 26, 2019

In This Episode

  • Guests: Marc Remillard (Head of Development) and Bobby Nicholls (Marketing Specialist) with OUTBRK Storm Chasing Video Game
  • Tracker Chat with the Tornado Trackers – Chase Day Morning
  • Helicity Designs and discount code
  • Lightning Round: Video Game Cash Cab
  • Tornado Talk with Jen Narramore – 1999 January Tornadoes
  • Partner with the Storm Front Freaks
  • Wx Resources – We share examples of great weather resources you may like
  • Weather Trollbot 5000 – Our robot interprets the responses to trolls from our weather friends
  • Who will be our next guest?

Our Guests

Marc Remillard, Head of Development and Bobby Nicholls, Marketing Specialist for upcoming OUTBRK storm chasing video game

OUTBRK is a multiplayer storm chasing video game, designed to emulate all of the fun of storm chasing, with none of the boring bits. Driven by real data from historical sever weather events, this game allows you to get the full experience of chasing each time you play, while adding a fun, competitive component

Marc Remillard, from Montreal, is Head of Development for OUTBRK and has been storm chasing for a little more than 13 years now, mainly in the tornado alley but also catching some twisters in Canada. Being a sound designer, mixer and composer, he started learning about game engines, using his basic knowledge in programming as a starting point.

Bobby Nicholls is Gameplay and Marketing Director for OUTBRK, with a main focus on driving gameplay decisions and ideas. Bobby lives in NW Arkansas and is CIO of a local software startup, as well as a part time chaser.

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Next episode (72), our theme this year is going “Coast to Coast with Your Favorite TV Meteorologists” and we begin with Matt Zafino, Chief Meteorologist KGW-TV, Portland.


  • Opening Music: Brett Epstein
  • Closing Music: Gabe Cox
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