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#77 Guest: Jessica Lebel - Pimped Out Weather Beast

April 21, 2019

In This Episode

  • Guest: Jessica Lebel, Meteorologist KDVR-31 and KWGN-2 Denver, CO
  • Tracker Chat with the Tornado Trackers – Tornadoes That Shaped Us Part 3
  • Lightning Round: Colorado or Arizona Movie
  • Tornado Talk with Jen Narramore – 2011 Hackleburg-Phil Campbell EF5
  • #WeatherFools-We present the fools doing stupid things in weather situations
  • Wx Resources-We share some great sites, equipment, books, etc.
  • Who will be our next guest?

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Our Guest

Jessica Lebel, Meteorologist KDVR-31 and KWGN-2 Denver, CO

Jessica Lebel is a Meteorologist for KDVR-31 and KWGN-2 in her native Denver, CO.  After TV stints in Grand Junction and Colorado Springs, she returned to Denver in 2017.

Lebel earned her bachelor’s degree in atmospheric science from the University of Kansas, with an emphasis in news media forecasting.

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Next episode (78), we’ll have John Moss from the new Fantasy Weather Battle (Fantasy Forecasting Contests) app.


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  • Closing Music: Gabe Cox
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